What do you thing about Pahang?

Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular malaysia , is endowed with a diverse range of attractions. Nearly two - thirds of the 35,960 sq km state in enveloped in verdant rainforest , making it a magnificent enclave of luch greenery , exotic wildlife and nature wonder.The country premier national park , taman negara as well as the Endau Rompin state park contain an astounding ecological diversity with a vast collection of flora and fauna. The state also has the distinction of being the home of first Ramsar heritage site at Lake Bera.The orang Asli or indigenous people , with their intriguing traditional and way of life , add colour to Pahang heritage.

Pahang long scenic coastline is a paradise of swaying palms and sandy beaches washed by the south china sea . Cherating Beach and Tioman Island are renowned as some of region most popular beach resort , captivating sunseekers with their exciting beach activities , underwater attractions and pristine charm.
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